3D Environment Artist
& Game Designer


Hammam baths



During the past years I was able to work on several projects as part of my bachelor in Game Design & Graphics in Sweden. The following games gave me the experience to work with different mediums. I was able to apply game design through textures and colors. I built 3D environments in less than 48hrs during game jams. I got comfortable with different types of software and implementation of assets in engines, such as Unity and Unreal.

A 2D side-scrolling shooting game where you throw snowballs to get your homework that was stolen by a polar bear on your way to school.

Choose your favourite alien, craft weapons and fight your friends for the holy bananas in this local pvp game. You become an alien who is hungry for bananas! Create unique weapons in the store. Want to create a fireball gun? a sword? Which one will be your pick?

Attach your harvesting tool, put on your gnome hat and prepare to get gardening! In Gnome Gardeners, two to four players can work together on PC to complete the monumental task of keeping a human-sized garden healthy and tidy. Dodge dive bombing birds, scare off hungry insects and struggle through terrible winds, with only your gnomish wits and cyborg skills to support you!

Triassic Run is an endless runner set in a prehistoric era where dinosaurs used to roam. Unfortunately the dinosaurs are about to end and you must run.. run from the meteors!

Eat The Rich is the result of a five day game jam. Our aim was to draw attention to inequality, provoke discussions and ridicule the situation with a fun party game. In Eat The Rich you play as a PR manager who is trying to hide some of the terrible truths of your clients. The hungry crowd will ask questions to bring all those dirty little secrets out to finally throw your rich into a soup!


A collection of projects in which I worked as a Colorist and Video editor. After graduating from cinema school in Barcelona, I worked as a freelance in a broad range of productions from social media to short films. Nowadays, as a 3D artist, I spend some time exploring new things, like game cinematics and trailers, to combine my skills in cinematography and game design.

I'm Martina, a 3D artist and game designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently living in Sweden, where I graduated from Uppsala University as a Game Designer with a minor in Graphics.
Hope that here you get to see some of the projects I've had the opportunity of contributing to. I focus mostly on 3D environment art and textures.